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Isolated SCIM5B Analog Signal Conditioning Products
SCIM5B Selection Guide  
Analog Voltage Input Modules, Narrow Bandwidth SCIM5B30/31
Analog Current Input Modules SCIM5B32
Isolated True RMS Input Modules SCIM5B33
Linearized 2- or 3- Wire RTD Input Modules SCIM5B34
Linearized 4-Wire RTD Input Modules SCIM5B35
Potentiometer Input Modules SCIM5B36
Non-Linearized Thermocouple Module SCIM5B37
Strain Gage Input Modules, Narrow Bandwidth SCIM5B38
Current Output Modules SCIM5B39
Analog Voltage Input Modules, Wide Bandwidth SCIM5B40-41
2-Wire Transmitter Interface Modules SCIM5B42
General Purpose Input Modules, with DC Excitation SCIM5B43
Frequency Input Modules SCIM5B45
Linearized Thermocouple Input Modules SCIM5B47
Voltage Output Modules SCIM5B49
Matched-Pair Servo/Motor Controller Modules SCIM5B392

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