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Electrical Connection  
  • Disconnect the power.
  • Connect the unit as fallows
For the output circuit the same protective measure as for
the power supply circuit must be taken.

  • Insert a miniature fuse according to ≤ 5A fast acting.
  • The permissible potential difference between supply
    and output circuits is Max. 300V
Display Status
  • After every power ON all LED'S light and go out again step by step
    (During this time output is closed if configured as normally open)
  • LED 9 flashes :- Current flow above the representation range.
  • LED 0 flashes :- Current flow far below the representation range.
  • If operating voltage is too low then there will be no display ( no LED light )
  • The green LED's indicate the current flow (the LED's 0 To 9 represent
    the range between no flow and maximum flow)
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