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  Heat Sink
  • Heat Sink Fins should be in vertical position So that hot
    air flow from bottom to top - self cooling
  • Keep 20mm gap at top and bottom of heat sink.
  • Apply Heat Sink compound between SSR and heat sink
  • The screw should tight properly so no air gap between
    SSR and Heat Sink

  • 1800 square mm of total exposed aluminum is sufficient to dissipated one watt of heat generated.

    Thernal Calculations
    Tj - TA = P(RθJC + RθSA)
    Tj = Junction Temperature (°C) 125°C
    TA =Ambient Temperature (°C)
    P =Power dissipation (watts)Voltage drop x load current
    RθJC =Thermal resistance junction to case °CW
    RθCS =Thermal resistance of Heat sink compound (o.2°C/WTYP)
    RθSA Thermal resistance of external heat sink(°C/W) it depend upon length, width, expose aluminum (0.5 to 5)
If SSR current capacity high and SSR use for lower capacity of load current than heat sink size will reduced Example:
  • 50Amp SSR used for 15Amp Load Current than “B” Type of Heat sink.
  • 50Amp SSR used for 25Amp load current then “C” type of Heat Sink.

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