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MEMORY PRESER COUNTER-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PC-M481
  • Inputs : Proximity switch, voltage pulse, etc.
  • Measures upto 3 KHz
  • Non-Volatile memory
  • Programmable setpoint, scale factor and
    relay modes
  • Incrementing/ decrementing display
  • 1-setpoint, dual display
Range 4 digit with decimal point
Input type a)Proximity switch, photo
   electric switch,
   pickup(+12 VDC provided)
b)Limit switch, microswitch
   etc(potential free contact
c)Voltage pulse : 3 to 30 V,
Maximum input frequency 3 khz
Reset Front panel key, terminals
at rear
Reset time 0.05 seconds max
Direction User selectable
Accuracy Absolute
No. of relays 1
Relay contacts 1 x NO-C-NC
Relay contact rating 5A/250 V AC, resistive
Relay mode Latch (overrun ON, overrun
OFF) Time pulse repeat
Auto reset
Type Non-volatile, no batteries
Duration Indefinite(in the absence of power)
Power supply  
Supply voltage 85~265 V AC/DC, 50 Hz
Material ABS plastic
Dimensions 48(W) x 48(H) x 112(D)
Mounting Panel mount
Panel cutout 44 x 44 mm
Temperature, humidity  
Ambient, storage -22~+85°C
Ambient,operation 0~50°C
Relative humidity 0~95%
Programming With 3 keys & built-in display
Keypad Tactile, 3 keys
Display Upper: 4 digit, 7 segment
0.3"(7.6mm) red LED display
Lower : 4 digit, 7 segment
0.3"(7.6mm) green LED
Scale factor b.no x 10n
Base no(b.no) 0.001 to 9999
Exponent(n) -5 to 2
Relay mode Latched ON, OFF at SP
Latched OFF, ON at SP
Time Pulse repeat
Auto reset
Auto reset time/ 0.1 to 99.9 seconds
Time Pulse repeat  

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