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Range At A Glance

Inductive Sensors:- Inductive Sensors from M4 to M80 and other shapes and sizes.

            Inductive Proximity Switches, self contained, depend on the output of an oscillator for their operation. The oscillator resonant circuit uses an open core coil to produce a concentrated high frequency electromagnetic (RF) field, which emerges from the active surface of the sensor. If a metal target (or other electrically conductive material) enters this field, eddy currents will be induced in it, causing the resonating oscillator to be damped.

                     The associated electronic circuitry detects the damping of the oscillator, triggers the switching action, and amplifies the output to drive devices such as Relays, Counters, etc. When the target is removed from the sensing field, the reverse action takes place, the undamping of the oscillator is detected and the switch is returned to its original state.

Capacitive Sensors:- Capacitive Sensors from M12 to M60.

             Capacitive Proximity Switches are offered in the widest range of sizes, with variety of function options. Capacitive Sensors have unique ability to detect metallic as well as non-metallic objects. The Capacitive Proximity Switches give a superior performance for sensing various non-metallic objects, not detected by Inductive Proximity Switches.

             The Capacitive Proximity Switches work on the principle of resonant oscillator circuit. A pair of brass/copper discs form electrode of a capacitor and the object acts as a

dielectric media. The change in capacitance value is sensed by a precision integrated circuit. An effective output signal is generated at a preset value of capacitance.

                       These are offered in tubular threaded housing from size M12 to M60. The enclosures are made of brass, stainless steel or engineering plastics.

Optical  Sensors:-  Optical Sensors from M8 to M8.

              Optical (Infra-Red) Proximity Switches with advanced and reliable technology for every application offer a flexible solution for automation, where other Proximity Switches can not perform. Optical Proximity Switches have distinct advantage of higher sensing distance over Inductive and Capacitive types. These can work more reliably in noisy electromagnetic field. As an Infra-red wavelength is used, it is immune to visible light interference.

             These switches incorporate an Infra-red transmitter and receiver device housed in

a single enclosure or separate enclosures. The powerful pulsed transmitter beam is interrupted or reflected by the object. The advanced electronic circuit generates an effective output signal when object is sensed.

                        These switches are offered in tubular metallic, acrylic and plastic and rectangular plastic and MS enclosures.We also manufacture Ultrasonic Sensors of M30 size and Magnetic Sensors from M12 to M30 size.

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