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             Bee Instruments has been manufacturing quality Proximity Switches since 1976. As one of the largest manufacturer’s, we offer over 500 models of Inductive, Capacitive, Optical, Ultrasonic & Magnetic Proximity Sensors. With continuous induction of latest technologies, our proximity switches are keeping pace with time. With over 1500 satisfied customers spread all over India & abroad, we are committed to maintain high standards in Quality and Prompt Services.

Application:- Proximity switches provide better alternative to the conventional electro-mechanical limit switches for position sensing. It is a best solution to all linear / rotary counting applications. They find wide applications in Machine tools, Foundries, Rolling mills, Automobile, Textile, Pharmaceutical, Material handling and all automation systems in general.

Construction:- The Proximity Switches are generally available in tubular enclosures with diameter from 4 mm to 140 mm. These enclosures are made of Stainless Steel, Nickel Plated Brass Tube or Engineering Plastics as required by the application.

These switches are totally epoxy potted to meet IP-67 grade of protection. The switches are also available in various other shapes such as Rectangular, Slot, Block, Button and Insert type modules. Our Proximity Switches meet CE requirements.


1) Non-Contact sensing 

8)Works in rugged Industrial Environment consisting of
dust, water, lubricants and cutting oils

2) No operating force necessary

9) High switching frequency

3) No mechanical moving parts

10) High repeat accuracy

4) No backlash 11) Visual LED indication for presence of object 
5) Bounce-free operation. 12)Suitable for Intrinsically Safe operation in
Hazardous areas
6) Operation possible from different directions 
13) Withstands vibrations and mechanical shocks
7) Compact sizes and versatile sensing arrangement 14) Long and maintenance free life

Types of Proximity Switches:- A critical element of sensing, automation & control, Proximity Switches are available in Inductive, Capacitive, Optical, Ultrasonic & Magnetictypes based on the object sensing principle

Types Sensing Principle Features Applications

Damping of oscillations
by conductive materials

Senses only metallic objects.
Useful for medium counting speed.
Short sensisng gaps.

Machine Tools/Robotics.
Bulk Material Handling.
For Counting Position Sensing.


Senses dielectric properties
of object material

Senses non metallic,
metallic as well as liquid.
Low counting speeds

Pharmaceuticals/Food Processing.
For level Sensing


Infra-red reflection

Senses any object.
Longer Sensing Distances.
Medium Counting Speeds.
High Position Sensing.

Pharma/Food Processing/Engg.
For Position/Level sensing/counting
Automation Safety Instruments.


Magnetic reluctance
Reed Switch

Senses only ferrous objects.
High counting speeds

Automobile/Process Engg.
For High Speed counting
Cylinder/Valve sensing applications.


High Frequency
Ultra-Sound Wave

Senses any material.
Long sensing gaps.

Automobile/Process Engg.
For Distance measurement.
Level Sensing

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